New Wave Ventures is a privately owned fund seeking the opportunity to invest in companies with significant growth potential. Our target initial investment is £500,000 to £2,000,000. We invest our own money without the need for external investors or borrowings. We are not driven by the need to service interest charges or to dispose of our investments by an artificial deadline. We do not believe in using leverage to boost our returns. We are willing to co-invest with like-minded investors, although our preference is to be the sole investor alongside owner-managers. A common theme among the companies we back is the appetite and ability to dominate markets with global scale.

At New Wave Ventures our investment philosophy is driven by the belief that a good business depends on good people. People with ideas. People with expertise. People who make things happen. People who overcome obstacles. People who can perform MIRACLES – an acronym we use to describe the key characteristics we look for in a business.

We aim to invest in people with ability who we can trust. At the heart of our approach is the belief that a focus on finding the right people with the right goals and values is more likely to deliver a successful outcome than concentrating on elaborate financial projections.

Our objective is to use our financial strength to provide essential capital, either through equity or loans. We leave competent business leaders to run their business without undue interference and expect our main input to be in agreeing broad strategic goals, operating plans and the funding required.

We don’t just provide money though. We have considerable experience of running successful businesses ourselves, and of tackling the problems and issues that arise along the way.
We bring that experience to bear by challenging assumptions, anticipating problems and helping to overcome obstacles. We know that fortune favours the brave, but we also know that risks need to be understood and managed. We believe that, through our expertise, we can add value to the businesses we invest in.


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